Turn Casual Supporters into Lifetime Donors

Harness gets you closer to your supporters hearts, minds and wallets. And them closer to you. We call it Connected Giving.

Connected Giving

connected giving  con.nect.ed.giv.ing

(noun) the practice of supporting an organization or cause through passive, recurring donations: typically in exchange for real time updates about the impact your money is making.

  • Collect Say goodbye to awkward cold calls and unopened direct mail

  • Engage Show your supporters the big difference they’re making, as they’re making it

  • Analyze Get to know your donors and how they’re donating, with real-time analysis

How it Works


Small Change. Big Difference

Empower supporters to digitally donate their spare change directly to your organization. Turning every coffee, weekly grocery shop, or fresh pair of sneakers into an opportunity to donate, seamlessly.

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Small Effort. Big Impact.

Supporters want to know about the difference they’re making, as they’re making it - and a yearly letter won’t do in the digital world. Harness lets you show donors how they are helping in real time, so they can see the impact of their small change. The result: they feel closer to your organization, more in the loop, and want to keep giving.

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Our Tech. Your Brand.

We’ve created a bunch of seamless connected technologies that get your organization into your donor’s pockets and bringing them closer than ever to your impact. The best part: it’s all designed to look, read, feel and sound like you, even though it’s powered by Harness.

Our partners

Organizations we’re proud to work with

  • Sustainable Cambodia
  • Pace
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities


We are on a mission

We believe that traditional fundraising excludes the masses from participating. So we found a way to modernize it. We call it Connected Giving and we'd love to bring it your organization.

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Peace of mind, with every donation

All donations made via Harness go through our SSL Encryption security service.