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Knowledge is the key. It can unlock all sorts of things. From new donors, to new ways to rally gifting. So the more you know about your base and the way they donate, the more you’ll know about how to maximize donations.

With Harness, you get up-to-the-minute live reports and insights, making it easier than ever to measure, track and manage donations. It’s the smarter way to fundraise.

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On Demand Data

Analyze data as donations come in.

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Live Reports

Track donations and gain insights as donations are made

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Go back in time and see how and when donors have gifted your organization

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Annual Reports

Easily send donors annual or on-demand reports of their donation activity

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Live Reports

Up-to-the-minute insights

Track, measure and manage donations as they come in through our payments dashboard.


See the power of small change

Donor’s can view their history in detail to see and track how their small change and donations are doing.

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Real-Time Reports

Whenever you need them

Annual or on-demand reports can be sent to donors for their personal records and tax deductions.

Make it yours

Find out how you can customize and customize Harness to make it yours.

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