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Show your donors the difference they’re making
People want to see how their hard earned dollars are helping.

  • Record Videos Record Videos Give donors a personalized and real-time look at the impact of their donations
  • Push Content Push Content Send targeted content and developments to your donor base
  • Gratify Gratify Keep donors engaged and excited by sharing genuine feedback with them

Always on

Wherever you go, there they are

No more direct mail getting lost in the post. You can now tell donors about the impact they’re making, straight to their phone.

Open Rate 98% 9,800
Open Rate 10%
Open Rate 25%
Open Rate 15% 1,500
Engagement Rate 22% 2,156
Engagement Rate 5%
Engagement Rate 2%
Engagement Rate 1% 15
Total Donations 21,560
Total Donations
Total Donations
Total Donations 450

There is no bigger joy than sending video updates from our families saying ‘thank you’.

Sherry Houston

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