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People want to see how their hard earned dollars are helping. Getting a thank you letter 6 months after a donation is nice, but may be a little impersonal and irrelevant.
Imagine if your favorite organization showed you exactly what your money did, as it does it?

Our Feedback offering does just that. Allowing organizations to share the impact of donations with donors, as it’s happening, you can build closer, longer lasting relationships that everyone feels a part of.

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Welcome to the feedback loop

Show your donors the difference they’re making

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Record Videos

Give donors a personalised and real-time look at the impact of their donations

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Push Content

Send targeted content and developments to your donor base

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Keep donors engaged and excited by sharing genuine feedback with them

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Keep donors in the know

Give donors a glimpse into the good they’re part of with video and message updates

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Straight to their pockets

No more direct mail getting lost in the post. You can now tell donors about the impact they’re making, straight to their mobile.

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Results you can see

Explore how Harness can help you analyze, and measure the impact of your work.

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