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Make big things happen every day

Back in 2016, The Ronald McDonald House in Tampa signed up to Harness and trialed our Round-Ups technology. Straight away they could see the big change the little change was making. They went from 3-5 Annual Events a year and a bunch of unpredictable, random gifts, to receiving a steady $35 dollars* a month from each donor.

They told all the other local houses about us. And now Round-Ups has been rolled out across all the Ronald McDonald Houses in Florida. Which means more children than ever are getting the help and care they need.

*This is the average monthly amount a donor gives with Round-Ups.


Phone with Ronald McDonald House Charity app

Religious Groups

Take location out of the equation

Tablet playing video of missions trip

Bad weather. Out of town emergencies. Summer vacations. Illness. Some things stop members from joining a service or two. But distance, shouldn’t get in the way of worship. And with Harness it doesn’t have to.

Our technology provides complete engagement solutions. Sending your congregation to mobile, they can watch services live, as they’re happening – and give from anywhere, any time.


Alumni Associations

Turn graduates into donors

Person working at desk

The class of ‘17. About to leave the safety and comfort of college for the big wide world. Some will have jobs to go. Others will be figuring things out. But most of this class of graduates won’t really be in a financial position to give much. And the same goes for the classes who have graduated in the last few years too.

With Harness the pressure of giving goes from a big one-off thing, to a little, everyday thing. Helping graduates feel connected to their alma mater. But without awkward cold calls. It’s a simple ask, that can make a big impact.



For big, for small, for everyone

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It’s the smaller organizations that miss out. Smaller means smaller budgets. And smaller budgets often don’t get the latest technology. Harness is an exception to the rule.

Working with foundations, a master application owned by the foundation can support non-profits of all sizes - and help the little guys excel in this mobile first world.


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