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It started with a cup of loose change

Miraj and Andrew were driving down the freeway to view an apartment. They took a sharp turn and a cup of loose coins went flying across the car. Miraj turned to Andrew and told him he should do something with all these coins. In the next 10 minutes, the guys drove past 10 different charity ads, all garnering donations in different, old school ways. A metaphorical lightbulb went off in Miraj and Andrew’s heads simultaneously. They knew they could do something modern, new and genuinely helpful.

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Harness was started that night

And Connected Giving became the new way to change the world, a little each day.

Meet the team

Portrait of Andrew Scarborough

Andrew Scarborough

Andrew is from Florida originally but ironically prefers snow skiing to water skiing. When there's no snow around, he enjoys working tirelessly to improve the way organizations fundraise.

Portrait of Miraj Patel

Miraj Patel

Miraj enjoys a breath of fresh air but ultimately lives for the moments that take his breath away. Harness is the product of Miraj’s dedication to making his community a better place and working with others to solve complex problems.

Portrait of Matthew Gates

Matthew Gates
Chief Technology Officer

From a very young age Matt developed an interest in computers, with a deep desire to build. Looking to use his skills for a good cause, Matt joined Harness to help make donating easy for everyone.

Portrait of Jordan Patrick

Jordan Patrick
VP of Product

JP is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who specializes in Business Process Improvement, UI/UX and Communications. He grew up primarily outside of the U.S. in both Cuba and Germany before attending the University of Florida.

Portrait of Daniel Speed

Daniel Speed
Account Manager

Daniel was born in the boonies of Asheville NC. When he is not helping his clients, you can find him hiking the mountains of CO, or crushing the freshly powdered slopes.

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