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That’s all the time it takes for donors to get connected to Harness and start giving.

  • Link Up Link Up Donors link their credit or debit card to track their change
  • Collect Collect Spare change is instantly collected every time they make a purchase
  • Customize Customize Donors can customize the amount they give to ensure they’re always comfortable

Money has changed.

Round-up every purchase your donor makes to the nearest dollar, donating the spare change directly to your organization, completely tax free. It’s seamless. It’s easy. And it means no more awkward cold calls or expensive direct mail. The average American gives $420 dollars a year this way, just by going about their daily life.

85 ¢ $ 3.15
Powerful metrics

It all adds up

Harness partners of all sizes are seeing success because we make it easy to do good on autopilot.

$ 1,041,216 Annual donations
  • Supporter Reach 1,000,000
  • 200,000 Supporter
  • 58,000 Enrolled in
  • $3,944,000 Monthly
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Harness is like Amazon Smile but for everyday life!

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Our people are
your people

Your partnership with Harness gives you access to a team of experts that will help you craft a plan to ensure success. We work as an extension of your team to set goals and develop strategies to optimize the experience for your donors.

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