Small change
Big difference

Money has changed. Round-Ups round-up every purchase your donor makes to the nearest dollar, donating the spare change directly to your organization, completely tax free. It’s seamless. It’s easy. And it means no more awkward cold calls or expensive direct mail. The average American gives $420 dollars this way, just by going about their daily life.

Phone showing roundups for Children's Home Society

Connected in 60 seconds

That’s all the time it takes for donors to get connected to Harness and start giving.

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Link Up

Donors link their credit or debit card to the secure app to track their change

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Spare change is instantly collected every time they make a purchase

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Donors can customize the amount they give to ensure they’re always comfortable

Phone showing roundups for Children's Dream Fund

Real-Time Reporting

See the change

Donors can see exactly what they’re giving and when, with our real-time data visualizations.


Increase, cap, multiply

Using our customizable dashboard, donors are in control of how much they’re giving.

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Case Study

From random to regular donations

Back in 2015, The Ronald McDonald House in Tampa signed up to Harness and trialed our Round-Ups technology. Straight away they could see the big change the little change was making. They went from 3-5 Annual Events a year and a bunch of unpredictable, random gifts, to receiving a steady $35 dollars* a month from each donor.

They told all the other local houses about us. And now Round-Ups has been rolled out across all the Ronald McDonald Houses in Florida. Which means more children than ever are getting the help and care they need.

*This is the average monthly amount a donor gives with Round-Ups.

Phone with Ronald McDonald House charities app powered by Harness

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