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Design is important. You want your donors to have a seamless experience, from the first click to the last page. From your print to Facebook posts to events to email newsletters. That’s why everything we’ve created is white label, and completely customizable – so it looks, reads, feels and sounds like you, even though it’s powered by Harness.

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Make it yours

How to customize Harness.

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Your Brand

Create a fully customized app that looks and sounds just like your organization

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Give donors a seamless experience by offering a fundraising solution from your brand

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Complete Control

Easily manage users, create content, and track donations on your custom dashboard

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Your Brand

Looks like you - powered by Harness

Take advantage of our core features, packaged together into your own, customizable branded mobile app.

Campaign Management

Consistency is key

Manage users and messaging, all in one place – for a seamless experience for donors.

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Our Partners

See who we’ve been working with and how we can help your business too.

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